What are the available dates for the GMAT test in Nigeria?
The GMAT examination/test is taken on every Wednesdays and Thursdays of the week in Abuja while in Lagos, it is taken everyday of the week (Mondays - Saturdays) throughout the year at certified prometric centers.
Where can I register for the GMAT exam in Nigeria?
You can register for your GMAT test/exam at Exam Planet. All Examination registrations are done promptly, usually within twenty-four(24) hours after receiving payment. All official receipts and test schedule information will be delivered into the email box of the test takers directly from the test owners (GMAC).
Where/How can I prepare for the GMAT examination?
Our coaching/training classes at Mack IV Consult are the ideal preparatory steps for you. We have highly knowledgeable instructors who will help you develop progressively. Our curriculum is designed to assist students get familiar with the exam content and structure so they can hit their target scores. Regardless of your academic background, our faculty is always will to go the extra mile for you. The success rate of our students is high, come and join us today!!!
How much time do I need to prepare for the GRE examination?
At Exam Planet, we recommend eight weeks of preparation for the GRE examination.
Where are the GMAT test centers in Nigeria?
There are just two GMAT test centers in Nigeria, and these centers are located in Lagos and Abuja only.
What is the registration fee (cost) of GMAT test/exam in Nigeria?
Visit the payment page to get details about cost of registration for the GRE examination. Exam Planet offers the lowest and the most affordable fees to test takers in Nigeria.
Where/How can I buy GMAT Textbooks/Prep Materials in Nigeria?
Our bookstore is stocked with only the official guide for the GMAT test. We have several copies of the latest edition at a very affordable fee per copy. Visit our bookstore for a preview on the study guide.
How often can I write the GMAT Examination?
Test takers can to sit for the GMAT examination only five times within a space of twelve months and the test can be taken just once in thirty(30) days. Any student who disregards this rule, does that at his/her own detriment and such actions could earn him/her a ban from future testing or cancellation of scores.
What is the average pass mark/score for the GMAT test?
The minimum score accepted by educational institutions (schools) varies from school to school. Each school usually sets its own minimum score, so a prospective student will need to contact the international admission office of his/her school of interest. The school will be able to provide more information on the acceptable score. At Exam Planet, we recommend a minimum score of 600points for test takers.
How soon will the GMAT test score become available?
The unofficial test result/score will be shown on the test screen immediately after your examination. This same score will become available online as the official score 21 days after the test. You will be able to view your score online by logging into your personal profile on the GMAT/MBA website. Please note that the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is owned by Graduate Management admission Council (GMAC).
Where to get free preparation/study materials for the GMAT test?
NOTE: If you have other questions regarding this exam that have not been answered, please feel free to contact us and we will respond within twenty-four(24) hours.