What are the available dates for the IELTS examination in Nigeria?
The IELTS examination/test is taken three times in each month of the year at certified pro-metric centers. There are few IELTS test locations in Nigeria, and test seats get quickly filled up so test takers are usually advised to register ahead of time in order to secure their preferred test dates. Registering early for your IELTS exam will ensure that your test scores meet up with the application deadline for your schools.
Where can I register for the IELTS exam in Nigeria?
You can register for your exam at Exam Planet. We offer you premium service that is second to none.Test registrations are handled as issues of high priority and you can be sure that your exam registration will be completed within twenty-four (24)hours.
Where/How can I prepare for the IELTS test?
Our coaching/training classes at Exam Planet are the ideal preparatory steps for you. Our training center is designed to launch you into outstanding success in your examination. Regardless of your academic background, our tutors/instructors will work with you and help you develop progressively. We have the required experience that will help you succeed in your examination and the success rate of our student is very high. Join us today.
How much time do I need to prepare for the IELTS examination?
At Exam Planet, we recommend four weeks of preparation for the IELTS examination.
Where are the IELTS test centers in Nigeria?
The examination centers are situated in various locations in Nigeria. Depending on your location you can choose to write your exam in any part of the country; west, east, south and north. Our study center personnel will be willing to provide you with the details and process. Contact us to get more information on this.
What is the registration fee (cost) of IELTS test/exam in Nigeria?
Visit the payment page to get details about cost of registration for the SAT examination. Exam Planet offers the lowest and the most affordable fees to test takers in Nigeria.
Where/How can I buy IELTS Textbooks/Prep Materials in Nigeria?
We have several copies of the latest edition of IELTS Academic at a very affordable fee per copy.
How often can I write the IELTS examination?
Test takers can sit for/write the examination as many times as they want. There are no restrictions to the number of times a student can participate in the exam in a given year. Students who seek to improve their scores can take the exam as frequent as they wish. Most students usually perform better at the second attempt.
What is the average pass mark/score for the IELTS test?
The minimum score accepted by educational institutions (schools) varies from school to school. Each school usually sets its own minimum score, so a prospective student will need to contact the international admission office of his/her school of interest. The school will be able to provide more information on the acceptable score. At Exam Planet, we recommend a minimum band of 6.0.
How soon will the IELTS test score become available?
The test result/score will be available online two weeks after the examination. You will be able to view your score online by logging into your personal profile on the college board website.

NOTE: If you have other questions regarding this exam that have not been answered, please feel free to contact us and we will respond within twenty-four(24) hours.