One of the reasons why many young people are not successful today is because they are not living but merely existing. They are powerless to the vicissitudes of life simply because they lack certain basic details. If you ask most people what they would like to become or what job they would love to do, they say things like "i don't know" "Anyone", "Let me just get something to meet my needs" and so on. Sadly, these people find it hard to get jobs or even go far at work because they didn't have a specific desire or passion for something. Maybe they do but just can't identify it. Consequently, they lack the fulfilment that comes with knowing what you want, honing the skill required to pursue your passion and fulfil your purpose.
Needless to say, when you find your passion, you will be equipped to add value and certainly get reward for your effort. You will be happy doing it so it won't seem like work. You will have a natural flair for it, which you can easily improve on with training and practice. You will find fulfilment doing it because you can say that you have found your "voice." In his book "7 habits of highly effective people", Steven Covey says your "voice" is your gift, skill, something you do exceptionally and are passionate about. When you find your voice, you will inspire others and help them find theirs. Now, from childhood we should know what we want, what we're good at and not so good at, be decisive and passionately engage in them.

This is where proper parenting comes in: parents should study their children and know their strengths and weaknesses. They should encourage kids to build skills in activities that they enjoy and not selfishly impose their choice of profession or career on the children. When children are properly guided, it brings out the best in them and they go on to be champions in life.

A few examples of young people living their dreams are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Chude Jideonwo, Adebola Williams, Folarin Falana aka Falz and Ayodeji Balogun aka Wizkid among others. As an adult, your choice of school especially higher education plays a key role in your fulfilling purpose and living the life you dream of. Just as children need help in areas they're not so good at to perform well academically, you need the expertise and experience of a proficient exam training center to successfully pass your test to study abroad.
Meet Shade and Felix, two childhood friends who were neighbors and went to the same primary school before losing touch when they went to different secondary schools. As fate would have it, they reconnected during NYSC and got jobs at the same IT firm. They had intentions to go for Master's degrees and had been trying to for a while. They used to hang out with other colleagues every other weekend and sometimes run into each other at the mall.
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