Overhauling our Educational system

This has been a concern for me for a while now. I'm sure you have probably thought about it at some point. Before You wonder what I'm talking about, I'll get on with it. It's our Educational system here in Nigeria. Just for clarity, an educational system comprises all the aspects that make it possible to teach children from kindergarten to senior secondary school. It includes the laws and policies guiding the learning process. So acronyms like UBE (Universal Basic Education) are part of our Educational system. Speaking of which, It doesn't seem to be improving does it? Be that as it may, I'm privileged to be a product of this same system. I had fun, balanced learning and strict teachers. Our parents will say "In those days, school was sweet." They gush excitedly about how affordable tuition, accommodation and other fees were. Whenever my Dad talked about his university days in University of Lagos, Akoka, I would struggle to place it in mind because I couldn't compare it with what I went through in my day. By the way I went to one of the best schools: The University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I'm what we call a Super Lion. Quick shout out to all my fellow Lions. Greatest Lions and Lionesses! Greatest Jaja! Greatest Gbogbo! Greatest Nigerian Students! Allow me to feel cool please. Which one of you won't say your school is the best?

Anyway, in the same way that I couldn't compare my dad's university era with mine, that's how many undergraduates probably feel. It's sad that standard basic education is not as standard as it should be. This is evident in the kind of graduates we have today. I'm not blaming you if you're a product of this system. Although I know that you can make the extra effort to be your best by learning more than the system teaches. With the Internet and new media, people can learn virtually anything or improve on what they already know. So, it's up to you my friend.

When I asked Malcolm, a student of one of our universities, of what he thought about the educational system he was a part of, he shrugged "Our Educational system is a part of Nigeria, so for it to work, Nigeria as a country has to work." So, it's possible that a bright student can fail or not graduate, while a dullard could graduate with honours based on "sorting" which is a key part of the system. If you don't understand how the system works you may never graduate. You will lose out on all counts. You should have a balance when in school because it's not just about studies alone, you should interact with others and have fun. If you find your passion or calling while in the university, go ahead and put it to practice. That may just be the start of great things in your life. The rate at which our Educational system is dwindling, we have to do something about it.

We need to understand that it's not enough to just copy the British or American educational systems but design one that best suits Nigeria. We should focus more on Pedagogy, which is helping children learn and build them up formidably. When the foundation is solid, Andragogy (adult learning) becomes a walk in the park and you have sound minds in well developed people. Some federal universities are still trying to maintain their standards but alot more strategy is required something that the system is effective. Some private universities are doing well too. I look forward to having a world class educational system that students from around the world come here to study. So Mack IV Consult will not just help Nigerians students study abroad but assist foreign students to study here in Nigeria.

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